Dr. Grauer employs the same computer custom-designed treatment plans and appliances using Insignia ceramic braces that he does with metal braces. Available in both traditional and tieless styles with Insignia, these options are ideal for all levels of orthodontic treatment. Colored to mimic individual tooth shades, these brackets also prevent staining or discoloration over time, assuring you’ll look great throughout treatment.

Braces that make it easy to smile!

Is the only thing standing between you and the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted the thought of having to wear braces? For many people, the idea of having braces can be intimidating. At Grauer Orthodontics, we utilize new technology to help you achieve the beautiful smile you want in less time, with fewer office visits, and with more customization than with a traditional braces treatment. Insignia is a new orthodontic system that is changing the way smiles are made!

What is Insignia and how will it help me get the smile I want?

Insignia is an interactive software system that allows you and Dr. Grauer to create the unique smile you want. Insignia software uses virtual 3D imaging to generate a model of your mouth. Using the digital model, we are able to analyze the most effective and efficient way to achieve a perfect smile.

Once we’ve created your treatment plan, we use the software to create custom archwires that will guide your teeth into the correct position, smoothly and directly, reducing your treatment time and giving you the smile you want, sooner.

What are the benefits to being treated with Insignia?

There are several benefits to being treated with Insignia. Insignia will make your orthodontic treatment quicker, more efficient, and more comfortable than traditional orthodontic care. Here are a few reasons why Insignia provides a higher quality of orthodontic treatment:

  • Shorter treatment
  • Precise bracket placement
  • Custom created archwires for efficient tooth movement
  • Fewer scheduled appointments
  • Braces that are created just for you

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for you or a family member, please contact Grauer Orthodontics and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about braces and the new Insignia orthodontic system.


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